A Second Go is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to easing the transition from cancer fighter to survivor.  Our vision is to create a community and provide guidance and resources to survivors early on in their ‘second go’ journey.

The transition from fighter to survivor creates a profound awareness and appreciation of life that can be both joyous and overwhelming.

We want to encourage individuals to live their best life post-cancer and never want someone to be held back by financial constraints. A Second Go was founded to raise money/services to provide people with the tools to have a successful ‘second go’ at life.

Anything we can do to make the stressful transition easier.

To date, we have helped 10 individuals with medical bills, airline points and travel credits, spa certificates, restaurant gift cards, trips to Disney, and more! Our local community, the Panthers Hockey team, Lion Country Safari, and the Rapids are just of the few generous companies who have donated to our survivors!

Focus on Mental Health 

We strongly encourage seeking professional help when going through such a traumatic time in life.  You should’t have to sort through this alone! Every ASG survivor will receive a $300 therapy credit to be used for the mental health professional of their choice.

We are seeking nominations for survivors!! 

A Second Go is seeking nominations for survivors who are completing treatment or have been placed in remission from cancer.  You can nominate yourself!

Email info@asecondgo.com and request the nominee survey.

Want to support our efforts?

Donations can be made securely through PayPal.

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Thanks for your support!

Kelly and the A Second Go team


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  1. Alyssa Kenney says:

    Girl…you’re absolutely amazing, and so is this blog! I’m so blessed to have such a beautiful, crazy intelligent friend. I’ve got to say, you’re a blogging natural. You make me so proud 🙂 Your blogs truly make me stop and think about life and how I can better it. Life is too precious to let the petty stuff cloud our happiness! Rock on, Kelly! You’re going to get through this. I just know it! You are by far the strongest girl I know. Keep kickin’ ass! Love you!

  2. Yima says:

    You are strong girl, Please check :”Jhon of God” he is an spiritual medium healer, he cured Dr. Wayne Dyer from leukemia, you can check on Facebook under Josie Raven Wing,
    God bless you!

  3. Garrett Paden says:

    Hi Kelly – I was sent this link through a friend of a friend. It’s truly amazing what you’re doing for not only yourself, but others. Starting the organization to help others is just amazing! My girlfriend was diagnosed with ALL in May 2016 and just had her stem cell transplant on September 30, 2016. My grandmother had a stem cell transplant in 2010 and is an AML survivor, so if you ever need a word of encouragement from either, please let me know! Keep up the battle!

    1. asecondgo says:

      Wow Garrett so sorry to hear about your girlfriend and grandmother but so happy to know they’re doing well. Your girlfriend and my ‘new birthdays’ are so close! When she gets that clean bill of health I would love to have her in the survivorship program and be beneficiary of one of our gifts. Please stay in touch with me with her progress. I will be thinking of you all! Best of luck and all my love xo Kelly

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