To Blog or Not to Blog?

I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently and have been contemplating a blog for a while.  Why?  Because apparently cancer gives you a unique perspective on your life that you cannot understand until you go through it yourself.  It is something you never wish upon your worst enemy yet when it hits, you put your game face on and remember it can only define you by how you handle it.

I have been given the rare opportunity to truly appreciate life at a young age.  The petty, vain dramas and problems that consumed my world a mere four months ago are now laughable.  Many would say I’ve been dealt a shitty hand and while that may be true, there’s still so many worse situations that I imagine on a daily basis. I intend on using this situation as a kick in the ass, get up and smell the roses, wake up call!  I was already feeling like I was in a rut with work, my relationship, friendships, hobbies, etc.  I wasn’t truly appreciating the beauty of working a good 9-to-5(30) job, living with the man I love, spending the weekends on beach, on a boat or at an amazing dinner with great friends and great red wine. Frankly, I found myself whining a lot more than a girl should at twenty-six.

Twenty-six.  That will always be a number ingrained in my memory.  My pre- and post-cancer lives.  There will always be that line drawn in the sand.  Everything is new again.  I’ve done my fair share of yoga classes and when I went to do for the first time after my diagnosis, I had the butterflies again.  I was actually nervous and excited.  It felt like it was my first yoga class and that is amazing!

Yoga under the Jupiter Lighthouse

This is not a cancer blog; actually it’s quite the opposite. I want this blog to be personal space to try recipes, post adventures, attempt DIY projects, provide medical updates and fundraising initiatives, and just carpe diem the shit out of this life!  If I get a few followers along the way, that’s a plus 🙂

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