Treatment update: I’m human again!! 

This could not be more fitting. My last post was on a Wednesday saying ‘it’s been a hell of a week.’ Girl, you have 4 more days for shit to hit the fan and it did just that. I woke up 1am Thursday with a 103+ degree fever and vomiting profusely. Called the ER and they suggested alternating Tylenol and Motrin to see if I could break the fever. By 7am, it had only gotten down to 102.5 so I knew I needed to go to the ER, especially given my low counts. After 7 hours in the ER and a slew of tests… CT scans of my brain and stomach, chest X-rays, and blood cultures, they knew something was seriously wrong just couldn’t find the source. I mostly remember from that day is the most excruciating headache I’ve ever experienced. I was moved to a room on my ol’ stomping grounds, 5th floor oncology, where I literally know every nurse and they take such great care of me.  I only lasted about 12 hours before being transferred to ICU where I was a total of 10 days. Frankly, I don’t remember much from that whole period of time… I don’t know reality from the hallucinations since my fever of 103 didn’t break for days. The doctors biggest challenge was not being able to do some of the more invasive testing they would typically do because it was too risky so it was essentially a guessing game. Even in my half-conscience state, I managed to have my mom take pics for my blog. Lol it’s really funny to me that through everything, I wanted to document. 

My port in my chest that I’ve had since November could not sustain the amount of various IVs I was getting so they had to add a PICC line in my arm to accommodate all of the IVs. I was always so scared of the PICC line for some reason, but it wasn’t that painful and it was truly a god send. On top of it, i hadn’t eaten in days so they had to start giving me nutrition via IV. A total 12 bags were up at one point. 

My new PICC line

From all the stuff being pumped into me, I literally look like I’m about to give birth. I remember seeing my feet and being like holy shit, I’m grandma Louise on a hot summer day plus the gout! It’s truly amazing the things your mind will remember while there are full days I cannot recall.  Like this picture, no recollection of it.  The swelling has gone away and I feel like my semi-normal self again! 

In ICU – so bloated!

All of my IVs – medicine is remarkable

So after many days, I couldn’t even tell you how long, they finally found a combination of antibiotics that broke the fever and got me back to health. I ended up having pneumonia, strep (like strep throat) but it was in my bloodstream and sinusitis. I finally was transferred back to the 5th floor Monday and still have a few more days ahead of me, I’m just so happy to start feeling like normal again. On top of it, I have 10 whole days of TV to catch up on… I know, super exciting!

 While the doctors are the ones making the decision and placing orders, it’s the nurses that are the true heart and soul of the hospital. They do not get the credit they deserve! For all my friends who are nurses, you are badass, rockstars and we are all so lucky to have you dedicate your life and passion to your work. It’s got to be one of the hardest jobs out there and I hope you know how appreciated you are. Being in the hospital is an experience you never forget and while I’ve had about 10% sub-par nurses, the rest of you make an impact on someone’s life that they will never, ever forget.  THANK YOU!!!

Another thought has been coming up a lot for me lately. The term ‘best friend’… Frankly that is a lot of pressure to put on one person and mom always said to not put all of your eggs in one basket, right?! Being in ICU, I had to have constant care 24-7 and so many people stepped up to the plate. I’d like to personally list them, but I don’t want to leave anyone out, so for those of you at my bedside, you’re so amazing and I’m forever grateful. Which brings me back to the ‘best friend’ thought, as we get older and if we’re lucky, we get a group of quality friends each who have their own special place in your life and shouldn’t be confined to a list or order of best to least… 

Final thought, a lot of people who have reached out have said they don’t want to overwhelm me and there is no such thing! Each and every message touches me and I couldn’t be more grateful. But don’t confine the thoughts and well wishes to me… You think of an old friend or someone you haven’t talked to in a while, shoot them a text, call, Facebook message, etc. Tomorrow is never guaranteed so say what you’re thinking and do it now! What do you have to lose? 

Kait took me outside today – how easily we forget the beauty of fresh air!

So now I wait for the okay to go home… I’m down to only 1 IV, off the oxygen and have the residual effect of bluriness in my right eye which we’ll get to the bottom of. But I’m doing soo much better and am ready to get back to some normalcy! Much love to all. 


8 thoughts on “Treatment update: I’m human again!! 

  1. Jenna Pignato says:

    Wow have you been through a lot. I can’t even imagine! And your staying so strong through it all. It’s so easy to feel defeated and not once have you sounded that way. I know everyone says this to you, but it truly is inspirational. I love the blog. You’re a great writer!

  2. Jill says:

    I follow your posts and admire your attitude. It will pull you through anything sweet girl. I’ve never met you, but anyone so close to Ally and her mother Kristen is a friend of mine. Prayers for a quick release from the hospital. You’re gonna kick this and come out stronger on the other side! Much love to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️, Jill

  3. Jenna G. says:

    You are a wonderful writer, Kelly. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. Keep writing – I love reading your posts and I love that there’s always a positive outlook to go with it!

  4. Kristen melo says:

    Kelly! You are such a tough chick!! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks for letting us into your journey! Youre truly inspirational!

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