Treatment Update: Rest, Recover, Repeat

I was discharged from the hospital late Saturday afternoon and proceeded to melt directly into my couch. As amazing as it is to be home, your sleep schedule gets so disrupted at the hospital that you need a few days to recoup and be able to sleep a full night.  It is insane how weak you can get after 2 weeks of being bedridden.  Just walking around the apartment can be exhausting.  I lost 10lbs, probably all muscle, so I need to build back my strength! This girl has some serious chicken legs going on!  There are worse things of course like the stupid stretch marks I got from being so bloated in the ICU.  Seriously?!  I can handle a lot of changes but that is ridiculous! haha I swear it’s easier to focus on the vanity so excuse my complaining 🙂 I was told to try out Frank Body scrub and balm by a girlfriend so I’ll let you know how it works but any other suggestions are welcomed!

Steve (I call him Stevo), my brother, was in town over the weekend so it was nice to be able to hang out and catch up with him outside of the hospital.  He’s crazy and has like 9,405,609 things going on but he set up a few Crossfit seminars locally through his new endeavor Prehab to Perform. The focus is achieving your genetic potential and injury prevention.  He’s extremely knowledgable  and passionate so if that’s up your alley, definitely check out his website. I have to check it out because I’ve been experiencing what I think is sciatic pain in my left calf.  Keep on adding more symptoms to my list! I’m pretty sure that’s what it is since I spend so much time laying on my back but we shall see.  Anyways, we were able to go out to dinner for an early birthday celebration for Stevo on Monday night to The Cooper which was delicious as always!  So nice getting out for a change.

I mentioned in my last update that I was experiencing blurry vision after being moved from ICU.  I saw an Ophthalmologist on Monday and got A LOT of information.  To sum it up, the doctor ‘thinks’ the strep in my blood settled in my eyes.  Extremely rare, of course.  But, the alternative of the strep settling in the hearth valves seems less desirable, so I’ll say I got the better of the two options?  I can’t even type that without a smile; everything is just comical at this point and you truly have to look at the positive in every scenario.  So the strep settling in my eyes created lesions in the choroid of the eye.  The choroid is the middle part of the eye which contains the blood vessels and and connective tissues. There are about 4-5 lesions in each eye but the right eye has a lesion directly in the center of vision which is why the right eye is much more blurry than the left.  I’ll have to take pictures of it next week when I follow up because the pictures the doctor takes shows all of the lesions and it’s actually pretty cool.  The Ophthalmologist spoke with my infectious disease doctor and they decided that an IV antibiotic would be my best option so I have to go to the local cancer center everyday for 2 weeks. It only takes about 1-2 hrs and they can use my port so its not too bad.  Worst part is the cost ($300 daily copay until I reach my out of pocket) but luckily I have all of you who fundraise for me! The bike bar crawl will be covering this one. I just don’t know how people do it without support.  The relief of not having financial stress on top of everything else is amazing.  I really think it helps keep me so positive.

My biggest worry of the week was seeing my oncologist on Tuesday. I don’t know if I hallucinated  this conversation in ICU but I swear I remember seeing him and saying that they were going to change the dose of chemo the next round. This terrified me — I do not want one bad hiccup (okay, more than hiccup but you know…) in 5 months to effect future treatment.  I want to blast this leukemia to death and be done with it!  Well I got worked up for no reason because he didn’t seem to even question changing the dose of chemo.  They want to continue as planned, 2 more rounds, and then I’ll be finished!! The next round is set to go in 3 weeks if everything progresses as it is.  I was convinced that starting my last round of chemo with a little bit of a cold is what landed me in the ICU.  My doctor was not persuaded; he said our bodies have thousands of bacteria that live in the tissues, stomach, etc. naturally and when you lose your immune system you are susceptible to yourself essentially.  He said no amount of hand washing or wearing a mask can prevent the inevitable.  He said it wasn’t if I was going to get really sick but rather when.  Well, now my counts are returning AKA my immune system is back to that of a normal person!  Woohoo! I am able to eat a normal diet, for now. Needless to say I am enjoying a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I started walking around the neighborhood and some light yoga the last couple of days. Yogaglo is a great place to find yoga videos.  There is a monthly fee but it is awesome!  You can filter class by type, duration, level, body part, whatever you’re looking for.  My arms are legitimately sore from doing cat/cow yesterday.  It can be frustrating since your mind knows what you’re capable of but your body is not on the same page.  I know that I need to be patient but sometimes you just want to bounce back quickly!  I tried to take the stairs the other day… nope.  Legs felt like 1000lbs each.  But that’s where my focus is for the next couple of weeks: build strength.  Before working out was a chore and now it is a privilege.  It’s all about perspective, right?

What’s your favorite workout?  Any suggestions for easing back into exercise?

Check back soon for a non-treatment related post!  Should be a good one.




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