I met Kristina at a young women’s cancer group in October 2017 and we instantly hit it off! She has the same dry sense of humor as I do and approaches her cancer and treatment with such a badass, ‘give me the extra boost’, do whatever it takes attitude, that is so admirable.  The ASG team is so happy to be able to help her as she takes the first steps into being a survivor!  She was hesitant to accept anything from A Second Go but as I would say to anyone else who’s had to go through cancer treatments and put their life on hold, ‘accept the kindness from others now because when you live a long, healthy life you can spend your time paying it forward.’   – Kelly

In Kristina’s words:

A Second Go (ASG) – that’s what I have in life. A Second Go is a non-profit organization, founded by Kelly Sudell who is also a survivor herself! Kelly created this organization hoping to be that person to assist with a second go at life. My name is Kristina. I was a normal 25 year old starting my career and my own path when I heard the words, “ You have Stage 3 Breast Cancer.” With no family history or genetic gene, there was no answer for why this happened to me. Throughout the battle, I knew I had to beat this thing and cancer wasn’t going to define me. I was going to define cancer. BUT even with a courageous approach, like many others we face many challenges such as financial problems, medical bills, counseling/ therapy,  and over all everyday life problems that most of us weren’t prepared for. ASG is that organization that comes to help others. Not only do they assist with financial needs but they also help people transition back into normal life! I couldn’t thank you enough ASG!

Kristina – Disney ’17 – Nothing can stop this girl!!

Kristina is just one of EIGHT (!!) of the amazing people we’ve been able to help this year!

Know someone fighting cancer or completing treatment and transitioning back to ‘normal’ life?  Nominate them today at  Please provide a brief backstory and an email address where we can send our nominee questionnaire. Thank you!